In these very excited days, many predictions have been made about the price of Bitcoin.

However, in this moment of real euphoria they leave a bit the time they find, because we are faced with a totally unprecedented scenario.

In fact, the only times that there have been months of virtually continuous price increases were the two times that a real speculative bubble formed on the price of bitcoin, at the end of 2013 and at the end of 2017.

In both cases it was the final part of the bullrun following halving, while many analysts argue that right now the price of Bitcoin Revolution is not yet going through the final phase of the post-halving bullrun.

Actually in 2017 something vaguely similar happened at the beginning of the year as well, but with much smaller price increases and much shorter duration.

The only similar precedent might be the first spike of the 2013 bullrun, when the price rose from $13 in late December 2012 to almost $150 in April 2013, i.e. with a multiplication by ten in about three and a half months.

But in the current case we are dealing for now with a price multiplication of four times, still in about three and a half months, i.e. not exactly identical.

It should be added that in 2013, after then returning to $70 in mid-July, it made an incredible increase of 1,400% in five months that brought it to over $1,100 in mid-December.

Bitcoin price predictions between rises and falls

Therefore, the current scenario is actually unique, unprecedented in Bitcoin’s short history, thus making it very difficult to make predictions based on solid fundamentals.

That said, some short-term predictions have however proved to be correct, such as the one that assumed the approach of $42,000.

Although at this moment there are many forecasts circulating, even very different from each other, for the short term there is a Bloomberg’s one that follows the path described so far by those few that have proven to be correct.

In fact, it hypothesizes that the next resistance, located around $50,000, may be reached. This prediction, however, does not hide the risk that a correction could be triggered, although it does not specify when, nor up to what level the price could fall in case it is triggered.

It must be said, however, that among many analysts the figure of $25,000 is circulating as the main support in case of a correction.

In the medium term, on the other hand, it is possible to note a certain convergence, although not shared by all, on the hypothesis that emerges from the projection of the stock-to-flow.

The graph shows the reaching of 100,000$ by the end of 2022, and probably it is not a coincidence that there are several forecasts that bet on exceeding this threshold, such as that of JPMorgan.

However, it should also be pointed out that in a period of such high volatility, and such strong uncertainty about the future, there are also those who argue that in case of correction the price could end up falling far below the current quota, and perhaps remain there.